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Get To Know Me

When I’m looking online, whether it be YouTube or reading blog posts, I love to read when people do Q&A’s. Although I haven’t been uploading on my blog for a long time, I thought it would be a really cool idea to do answer a few questions that I’ve never been asked before or questions that I’ve never shared the answer too. I was trying to get inspiration from other bloggers and YouTuber’s about which questions to chose and I found loads that I really like! So if you’d like to find out a few weird and wonderful things about me, here’s 20 Q&A’s for you to enjoy 😊
1)  What is your eye colour? – I was born with blue eyes but they change colour every day. Sometimes they’re green, sometimes they’re grey. They must change depending on what mood I’m in that day!
2) What’s the first thing you notice about people? – I’m drawn to people who are funny, kind and warm. If you welcome me with a genuine smile then I’ll instantly like you. I also enjoy people who can take a bit of sarcasm and funny remarks, someone you can bounce off straight away.
3) Where were you born? – I was born in Bolton, North West of England. I love my hometown even though it’s always freezing.
4) When was the last time you cried? – Last night! I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a very sensitive and emotional person. I cry at everything.
5) Scary movie or happy endings? – I have to say scary movies. Don’t get me wrong, I am a real old romantic. I love rom-coms and sunshine and rainbows. However, I also love the scary stuff. Even though I do cover my face for the majority of the films!
6) What is your biggest accomplishment? – Genuinely, my biggest achievement is becoming the young woman I am right now. I know it sounds cliché, but I’ve survived heartbreak and many other things and come out the other side a much stronger, confident and resilient person. I’m very proud of myself for that.
7) What is your favourite food? – Anything Mexican, all day, every day. I love it. I love spicy food.
8) What is an ideal first date for you? – I’m really not one of those girls who expects anything glamorous for a date, not even a first date. I’m happy with something really chilled and relaxed, somewhere that we both feel comfortable. But, if I had to pick somewhere, I’d love for someone to take me to the theatre.
9) What’s your biggest fear? – I’m not sure of the answer to this question. I’m scared of a lot of things. I’m scared about losing people close to me, I’m scared of letting people down. But, I don’t think there’s anything specific that I’m scared of, like spiders. I used to be really afraid of fire, but I think I’m over that now.
10) Have you ever broken a bone? – Nope, never! Touch wood it stays that way.
11) What is the first app you check when you wake up in the morning? – I feel like it’s Snapchat! I like to see if people have posted videos from going out the night before. I’ll double check which one I automatically go for first when I wake up tomorrow!
12) On a scale of 1-10, rate your driving skills? – Definitely 10. Or maybe 9.5 because I do sometimes eat when I’m driving which is distracting. But I think I’m a very safe driver!
13) What are some of your favourite things about yourself? – This is a hard question, I hate talking about myself like this. It’s like on your CV or in a job interview they ask you to talk about yourself, I can’t do it! But, I do like that I’m a patient person. I’m also very loving.
14) What do you consider unforgivable? – Apart from the obvious things, I would find it hard to forgive someone close to me who has betrayed me in any way. If you lie to me for a long period of time, I’d find it hard to forgive.
15) What’s your most embarrassing moment? – There’s too many to write here, we haven’t got all day! But one of them is probably when I fell off a stool in a nightclub, wearing a very tight dress. My bum was soaking and it looked like I’d wet myself. I was mortified.
16) What is your least favourite thing about yourself? – Maybe my jealousy. Also, how unconfident in myself I am. I am also a very, very stubborn person and I don’t think I’
ll ever be able to change that. It can be frustrating sometimes.
17) Are you a good secret keeper? – Yes. I pride myself on being loyal.
18) What is your favourite season of the year? – I should probably say summer, but it has to be Autumn. Everything looks so pretty, and I love Halloween.
19) Do you have tattoos? – Yes, I have three.
20) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? – I hope that I have a family, three children. I’d love two boys and a girl, but obviously I’ll be happy and grateful for any children I have! I hope to be successful, wealthy and genuinely happy. And to have met the love of my life.
These are 20 of my favourite questions that I found, but there were so many more, it was difficult to chose! I would love to do another post like this, with even more weird and wonderful questions. I am also hoping to do another post with more blogging related questions; why did I start blogging? What inspired me? Where do I get my ideas from? Great ideas are coming very soon, I promise!
I also want to take this post to say that sometimes it’s good to ask yourself some of these questions and right down your answers. It’s perfectly okay to talk about yourself, even if its just to yourself. It’s perfectly okay to tell yourself what you’re good at, what your favourite things about yourself are, and what your greatest achievements are. It’s easy for people to think you’re being arrogant, but self-confidence is a brilliant attribute to have. I know that I need to start telling myself much more positive things about myself each day, and so should you. Have a go, ask yourself some questions and write down the first answer that comes into your head. Maybe you’ll learn a few new things about yourself, just like I did!


I thought I would write about quite a deep, sensitive and emotional subject for this week’s blog post. I wanted to talk about something that I myself, have been through and can very much relate too and I hope that you can too. I wanted to talk about heartbreak and relate that to the importance of self-worth and believing in ourselves, even after a relationship breakdown.
When looking back at relationships, it’s easy to feel as though you regret being with that certain person, especially if the relationship ended in a toxic way. It’s hard to feel as though you could ever forgive that person for breaking your heart and hurting you. But I realised a lot of things each time I felt hurt and let down in another relationship, things that I will explain as this blog post goes on.
Feeling heartbroken brings about so many different feelings and emotions. You can feel lost and feel a sense of grief that you’re unable to be with that person anymore. Personally, I sometimes find it difficult to deal with change. I like having the same routine and this is the same for my relationships. I love having the same person there every day to be with, so for me, when that suddenly changes and they aren’t there anymore for whatever the reason may be, I completely struggle to deal with it. Once you have relied on someone for a certain amount of time, you truly believe that that person won’t be going anywhere and when they do, you feel lost and heartbroken.
Even if you are the person in the relationship that hasn’t done wrong, or even if the break up was mutual, you’re still left asking yourself questions; ‘Why wasn’t I good enough?’ ‘What am I going to do now?’ ‘Why didn’t they want me?’ ‘Will I ever find anyone else?’
There have been countless times for me, where a relationship has ended and I have felt totally worthless. The thoughts going around in my head are mad, and each knock back after knock back has made me feel as though I’ll never be good enough for anyone.
Getting over heartbreak is a process, and one that takes time. It’s just like when you’re grieving – grieving and heartbreak come under exactly the same bracket. There’s absolutely no time limit for heartbreak. There is no rule book to tell you how long it should take to get over someone. You need to give yourself time; time to heal, time to get over that person, time to feel emotions again, and time to love yourself.
The initial human reaction after a break up is to start feeling bitter towards that person. You feel as though you hate them, and you use this hatred in order to tell yourself how much you need to get over them. You force yourself to think of all the times they may have upset you and all the hurtful words they may have said to you and this ultimately makes the bitterness worse. I’ve done it myself, I intensify my ‘hatred’ for that person in order to tell myself how awful they are so that I can try to move on. For a long time, I’ve felt like this was the only way to be able to move on.
But I’ve been so, so wrong.
It’s the most freeing feeling to just move on from something and feel genuinely happy. I realised that in order to move on from feeling heartbroken and hurt; you MUST LET GO. You cannot hold onto the hate and hurt and use that in an attempt to move on, it doesn’t work.
It’s important to look at relationships from a different angle. Be thankful for the memories that the relationship gave you without feeling bitter. You enjoyed the time you spent with that person and the way they made you feel for a while, and they became a chapter in your life. Just because that chapter may have ended, doesn’t mean your life is over. I know how worthlessness feels, but I also know how important it is to shake the feeling of it off, and how important it is to continue with your life without that person, focusing on yourself and only yourself.
I found that I was too busy relying on other people, and I was focusing too much on my relationships to make me happy. I was desperate to find someone who could give me the love that I deserve, and who could give me the love that I was able to give to them. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that person yet. But that’s perfectly okay.
I’ve been hurt, but I can use these past relationships to help me find the right one. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, I’ve learnt how strong I am, and that I really don’t give myself enough credit!
I really want to stress how much you cannot let someone else make you feel as though you aren’t good enough. Stop asking yourself the questions I mentioned earlier, because you are enough and you always will be for someone. If a person makes it clear they do not want you – move on and better yourself. There’s no time to be wasted.
I know these words are easy to read but very difficult to do when you’re actually in the situation of a break up. But it’s taken me to feel heartbroken a couple of times to realise that I am worth more than the way I have been treated in the past, and now I know this, I won’t settle for anything less than someone who adores me, and neither should you!
I want you to take away from this post that things will always get better. I want you to learn to appreciate your past relationships, and even though they may not have worked out, they have taught you something. Let go of any bitterness, there’s more to life than feeling anger towards someone. You are worth everything and more, and one day you will find the right person who emphasises your worth every single day.


I truly hope you all find the person you’re looking for and have long, happy and successful relationships.