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Finding your purpose

What is actually the point?

As I’m now a young adult and apparently I have responsibilities and things to do, I’ve really began to think, what is actually the point of all this? I know it sounds like quite a deep blog post title and subject, but I’m talking about something really important here. Is the point of life just to work until we retire… and then die? Is the only purpose of us simply to make money to live and eat food, support ourselves and our family… and then die? What is the point of having a blog? What is the point of creating friendships and relationships and maintaining them? What is the point of my degree? Why am I doing this?

These questions and statements are of course true in some ways, but in other ways couldn’t be further from the truth and I’ve just put them out there as points of discussion. But, I’m sure I can’t be the only person who has thought about them.

I think it’s really important to have a purpose, or a goal that you’d like to achieve at some point in your life. Or even a list of things you’d love to do, places you want to travel too, food you want to try and so on. By doing this, you’re creating a purpose. A purpose for your life.

If you have depression, it can become hard to find a reason to get up in the mornings, a reason to stay motivated or a reason to do absolutely anything at all. And sometimes it can feel like that for people who aren’t suffering with mental ill-health too.

If I sat and thought about life and the idea that all we do is work and then die, I would drive myself crazy, which is why we have to do the things we love.

I know it’s easier said than done, most of the times our circumstances make it impossible for us to quit everything and do what we love. For example, I want to be an author. I always have and probably always will. But because I’m still a student, I have other career paths too, I don’t have much money, I need to build a following first and I need a publisher to believe in me, I can’t just be an author tomorrow because I want too. But, I can write on the side as my hobby and hope and pray that if I work hard enough it will happen for me in the future.

These thoughts are what gives me a purpose in life, hope that I can do everything I want too before my life is over and a point in all of this.

I think the true purpose we all have and the reason we’re all here is to 1. Be truly and genuinely happy with everything we have and everything we achieve, and 2. To create beautiful memories with people we love.

If you think about everything else, none of it really matters. I recently quit a job that I had worked at for two and a half years, because I was working three jobs at once whilst studying in my final year at University and everything got too much. I beat myself up every single day for a month trying to decide whether to quit this job and I was so afraid that if I did, I’d let someone down. I finally made the decision to leave and guess what? Not one person said goodbye to me. Not. One.

After that, I realised that you have to value yourself and you have to make sure everything you’re doing has a purpose. When you’re going for a job, think about why the hell you actually want to do it, what the purpose is and what it’s going to bring you. If it’s not positivity, then don’t do it. It really is so simple, because this is your life and you need to feel a sense of purpose in order to live a fulfilled life. It’s imperative. That job was making me miserable and quitting was the best decision for me. And it was proof that all my worrying for the month beforehand was over nothing as me leaving didn’t affect anyone, anyway.

Like I mentioned earlier, I know that each persons circumstances are so different. But what I want you to take from this blog post, that if you’re like me and have started to question what the point of all of this is, you must find a purpose. What is the purpose of you doing whatever you’re doing?

If your purpose in life is to bring up your children to the best of your ability, then make that your life goal. If your purpose in life is to make sure your partner is happy, then so be it. If your purpose in life is to become a CEO and make £1million, then write down all of the ways you want to achieve that and make it your life purpose. Does this make sense?

None of us want to die, but it’s inevitable. Sorry. We’re all going to die, so make your life purposeful and full of reason. Make your life a fulfilled one. Follow your dreams. Do whatever you want and certainly don’t care what people say.

Find your life purpose, because everyone has one.

Chloe x

Does being a book lover make it harder to find love?

Literature is so powerful. Whether it be quotes, poems or novels, some authors are so talented that the words they write down and share with us, stay in our minds and make us want to read the same story all over again. I am a lover of books and I always have been. I love the way you can immerse yourself deeply into a story line and forget about everything for the moments that you’re reading. I have quite a few books that are my absolute favourites which I have read over and over and I could continue reading numerous times because I love way they have been written, by the most talented authors.
When thinking of my favourite books and characters, I began to wonder about a few different things. It’s so easy to fall in love with a fictional character, it can happen after reading a book, or watching a film. After spending hours watching your favourite series, you become obsessed with the characters and the story line. When it’s over, you feel like your life is! It can be the same with books. You can enjoy a book so much that you start to believe the characters are real, or wish they were real. I started to think to myself, does being a book lover make it harder to form relationships in real life?
Take Fifty Shades of Grey, for example. I’m currently halfway through the second book. After watching the films, I wanted to be able to compare the books vs films and see which I preferred. Along with the rest of the population of women, it’s safe to say that I have fallen in love with the idea of Christian Grey. He is mysterious, sexy and always in control. But when you’re finished with the books and have watched the films, you have to keep telling yourself he’s not real. Everyone wants a Christian Grey, but he’s a fictional character and it’s very unlikely that I will find a Christian Grey walking down the street of my hometown.
When reflecting on myself and the way I view relationships, I am an old romantic. I believe in love, I believe in falling in love and I believe that we all have soulmates. Reading romantic fiction has made me believe in love even more intensely. I was thinking to myself, by reading I am constantly comparing real life people to those amazing characters that I have found in books. And so far, not many real world people have lived up to my standards.
Being a lover of literature, words, quotes and poems can sometimes distort the reality of our relationships. I know for myself, reading books has given me ideas of what I want in my life and the certain relationships I want to form in my life. This can be a great thing, because it has helped me in many ways. But, it’s hard not to compare with the characters you have read about.
The answer to the question; does being a book lover make it harder to form relationships in real life? I think potentially, it could make you raise your expectations about what you want from people.
Which is not a bad thing.
Reading makes me so happy, and I will never stop reading. I use this as an escapism from whatever is going on, and it gives me so many new ideas about my own writing.
I once saw a quote that said; ‘Never apologise for having high standards. The people that are meant to be in your life will rise up to meet them.’ 
This is so true. A fictional character you may have fallen in love with, or aspire to be like will never be a real person. But you can use the things you have read, quotes that have stuck in your head, to remind yourself of the way to form relationships and what you deserve. Although many books can seem ‘far-fetched’, you can still use the things you read and relate them to your own thoughts and experiences, which is something I do often.
One of my favourite ever books of poetry, is ‘Love and Misadventure’ written by Lang Leav. If you are a romanticist like me, who is full of love and loves reading about love, then you need this book.
It was hard to
choose because the book is absolutely fantastic. But, here is one my favourite poems from the book;
All or Nothing
If you love me for what you see, only your eyes would be in love with me.
If you love me for what you’ve heard, then you would love me for my words.
If you love my heart and mind, then you would love me, for all that I’m.
But if you don’t love my every flaw, then you musn’t love me – not at all.
– Lang Leav
I hope you continue to read and fall in love with many more characters.


Body Confidence Journey.. If I Can, You Can Too.

Before I started writing this blog post, I was trying to think back over the past 5 or 6 years to a time when I felt confident with my body and the way I looked. Genuinely, I couldn’t think of one time! I’ve never been fully confident with my body, ever, and it really dawned on me when I was thinking about how to start this post.
When you are younger, for example, at high school, the way you feel about your body and body confidence isn’t really something that you are constantly thinking about. Well, for me it wasn’t anyway. My main focuses were enjoying my time with my friends, talking about boys and trying to stay out of any drama! I would never wake up and look at myself and think that I was unhappy, even though I probably was. I’d just put my uniform on and get on with my day. When I got to year 11, so I was 16 years old, I lost so much weight. Looking back at pictures of me when I was as small as I was honestly makes me want to cry. I didn’t lose this weight intentionally as my final year of school was probably one of the worst years I’ve had in my life so far, which caused me to lose all the weight. I became ill, the small amount of food that I was actually eating I couldn’t even hold down because every day I was so anxious about the number of things that were going on, my body physically wouldn’t let me swallow! I ended up going down to a size 4-6. I’ve always had curves, the same as my Mum, but I just lost everything. I can’t stand to look at pictures of myself like that, because I know how unhealthy it was.
When I got to college, I was back eating normally again but I still wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I would say that I was probably putting on weight, but definitely not enough. My anxiety over these two years was still through the roof, and the whole two years of college seems like a complete blur to me and not a time that I like to reflect on. At this point of my life, it became clear how much pressure is put on young women to look a certain way. I would go into college and look around me at all the other girls, who dressed up for college, and then I’d go into the bathroom and look at myself in a hoodie and leggings and feel so awful. I didn’t even have the confidence to wear what I wanted, I wasn’t the size I wanted to be and I wasn’t wearing the things I would have loved to wear.
I then moved onto University, where I started to put so much weight back on, but then I put on too much. I felt fat, ugly and disgusting, even though to others they didn’t think that at all. I was unhappy in my first year of University and stopped going to my lectures as I knew I was going to change course and start my first year again, so all I did every single day was stay in bed and eat. I was way too anxious to go out, and the thought of stepping foot in a gym scared me way too much. It was never going to happen. I could feel myself becoming so unhealthy and every time I looked at myself, again, I felt awful. But I couldn’t stop eating! I had nothing else to do during my days, I was literally waiting for the year to be over. So, food was my comfort for making the days’ pass. It wasn’t even healthy food either, I was eating way too much pasta, getting takeaways and chocolate from the shop every other day. I was a complete mess, and even reflecting on this part of my life fills my stomach with knots.
I don’t want this post to be all doom and gloom, but I needed to share my journey with you all. I’m now almost 21, and in my third year of University and I have never felt better.
I’ve gone from being a girl who was too anxious to leave the house, who never felt confident about who she was and what she looked like, a girl who was depressed, to now going to the gym every day and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve gone from wearing baggy clothes in the gym and wanting to cover every inch of me, to now feeling confident enough to wear whatever gym clothes I want, whether they be baggy or tight gym leggings and crop tops. And the best part which I never thought I would say; I’m taking part in a triathlon in a month’s time. I can’t believe it!
The whole point of this blog post is just to share with anyone who has struggled with their body image and feeling body confident, or still is struggling, that things can change so easily and so quickly. Never in a million years did I think that I would be taking part in a big sporting event. Firstly, because I didn’t think I would ever feel confident enough. And secondly, because I never thought I would be fit and healthy enough.
My first bit of advice is that you need to surround yourself with the right people. From my last year at high school and all throughout college, I had nobody around me who was trying to motivate me and empower me, which is what best friends and any kind of relationships are meant to be there for. I was left feeling like I wasn’t good enough for anything or anyone because I was allowing people around me to treat me this way. Moving into different groups and letting go of people who only made me feel worse about myself was the best decision. Even if this means cutting them off, and losing a big group of people who you believed to be your ‘friend
s’. The reality is, if they don’t make you feel great and support you, are they truly meant to be in your life?
Secondly, you have to make yourself feel better, for you and only you. Try not to care what people think of you. I know myself, it’s difficult especially if you’re an over-thinker or suffer with anxiety. I found it hard to go to the gym because I was worried that everyone would be staring at me and judging me. But the reality is, that doesn’t happen! People may look at you once when you walk through the door to see who it is (don’t we all?) but then everyone looks away and carries on with their own thing. You need to do as much or as little to whatever suits you and whatever makes you feel better. Don’t change your body for the approval of others. If you’re unhappy, it’s only you who can do something about it.
I’ve emerged the gym into my daily routine, and I ensure that I eat well because it’s me who does my food shopping. If I don’t buy bad foods, then I can’t eat them! I really can’t believe how far I have come with my body and my confidence, and although I am not quite 100% yet, I am so excited to continue improving my life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
I also try not to kid myself thinking it’s all going to be easy. There are times when I’ve been feeling unmotivated and have skipped the gym for a week, or maybe even two when everything has been getting on top of me. There have been times when I feel down and can’t even find the energy to make something to eat, so I’ll waste my money and order a takeaway and feel even worse about myself afterwards. But you’ve just got to try and push yourself!
I know that if I can make myself feel better, generally healthier in my body AND my mind from where I started from, then anyone can. I would love to continue sharing my fitness progress through my blog, because anyone can do it.
I know you can! Believe in yourself.


What is the true meaning of Christmas?

YAY December is here! Christmas is approaching! I really do love Christmas. I love the constant food that you’re allowed to eat just because it’s Christmas. I love the Christmas jumpers, getting new socks and pyjamas, spending time with my family, getting drunk at 12 in the afternoon JUST BECAUSE it’s Christmas, everything!! Since December 1st, I have already consumed by body weight in biscuits, I can’t stop eating them! I keep telling myself that it’s Christmas and therefore I can treat myself.
Christmas is such a jolly time. Although the temperature outside drops in December which I’m not always a big fan of, because the freezing cold mornings do make it hard to get out of bed. But they look so pretty when you finally make it outside! I do love the lead up to Christmas. Each year I feel as though it starts to begin earlier and earlier. This year, I was seeing Christmas decorations in shops and Christmas adverts on the television around mid- November time which is pretty ridiculous. But it did get me into the Christmas spirit!
Especially as I live at University so I am away from home for the majority of the year, I love the Christmas break that I get as I’m able to go back home and spend the whole of it with my family.
For this blog post, I wanted to talk about Christmas and what it means to me personally and what I think it should represent for everyone else too.
I also wanted to address the facts that Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone. For a number of different reasons, Christmas can be such a painful time for a lot of people and I wanted to talk about how important it is to respect this, and what we can do to help.
Christmas for me, is nothing to do with any gifts that I may or may not get from people. I would much rather receive a thoughtful and generous gift from someone, than an expensive one that doesn’t have any meaning behind it. I truly mean that. Sometimes it’s easy to feel pressure about what to buy for people. We feel the need to buy people gifts and cards who we may have not spoken to for the entire year, but we feel a responsibility to get something for them and end up putting way too much pressure on ourselves in fear of not disappointing anyone. We write a long list of people who we must send Christmas cards too just because we’ve always done it and we would hate to miss them out, even if we haven’t had a face to face conversation with these people in years! It’s crazy when you think about it.
I don’t have children myself, but I can completely understand how difficult it must be for parents around Christmas time, planning what gifts to get for their children and spending a lot of money and hoping that they won’t be disappointed and feeling guilty if they are. I understand how difficult it must be to ensure that all of your children get equal amounts of gifts so that there is no fighting. Sometimes this pressure makes us forget the idea of what Christmas is all about.
I love how Christmas is a time for everyone to come together and look back on the year they’ve had and have fun together. It’s lovely to open cards and presents with your family, but for me, it really isn’t about that. Of course, when I was younger I absolutely loved opening my new toys and couldn’t wait to see what ‘Santa’ had brought to me. But now that I’m 20, I’ve realised how much pressure is put on parents, and everyone, to make sure they get the right presents and I’ve started to realise that – not to sound too cheesy – but this isn’t the true meaning of Christmas.
We work hard all year round to then spend the majority of our money at Christmas time, which I don’t think is fair. I love my family and my friends, and don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely love to spoil them and I love seeing their faces light up if I buy them something I know they really want. But whilst I’m a student, I know that I can’t afford to buy expensive presents and even if I did have the money, I still wouldn’t.
We need to start putting more thought into our presents and Christmas a whole. It’s a lovely time to spend with family and friends and the people that we love. It’s about appreciating each other in every way and creating memories at Christmas time which will be talked about for years to come, and generations to come. Especially if your family is large and is dispersed all over the country, or even in different places all over the world – Christmas is a time where everyone should come together and enjoy each other’s company. Until the Christmas board games are brought out and the whole family starts arguing about the rules – it happens every year!
Christmas is portrayed as a jolly, happy and fun time for everyone. As I’m getting older, I can’t help but think about those people who are in need, and those people who don’t find Christmas a happy and joyful time. For some people, Christmas brings back awful memories of something they experienced around December and are trying to forget. For some people, Christmas makes grieving for someone they’ve lost much more difficult, knowing that another Christmas will be spent without them here. Some people are homeless on Christmas, some people have absolutely nothing. Some people are lonely and have nobody to see and nowhere to go at Christmas time. The reasons why Christmas isn’t enjoyable for everyone are endless.
It’s so important to give everything you can and help as much as you can to people who need it the most. Nobody should ever feel lonely around Christma
s time and it’s important that we try to help prevent that in any way we can. Sometimes I think of so many ideas of ways that I want to help people, it makes me think I need to save the world. I know that we can’t help everybody, and some people don’t want to be helped and prefer being homeless or being by themselves at Christmas time, and these personal decisions need to be respected.
But for the people who are lonely and it isn’t through their own choice, I am determined to help out at Christmas time and make them feel part of something again. Whether it’s just enjoying a Christmas dinner at the local pub and meeting new friends, everyone should be surrounded by happiness at Christmas and there are so many ways we can volunteer and help to do this.
As for those who have lost someone close to them, including myself, it’s important to try and enjoy Christmas even though they aren’t here. Christmas will make you think of that person more and miss them, and wish more than anything that they were still here. But Christmas should be thought of as a time to come together and honour that person, to talk about special memories that the family member or friend, parent, grandparent, whoever it may be, was part of. We can use Christmas as a way of celebrating their life and a way of thinking about all the fantastic Christmases they were part of in the past.
I hope the message taken from this article is to respect others at Christmas and to understand that it isn’t always a great experience for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you should ever feel guilty for enjoying your Christmas or showing off your gifts. However, I think it’s very important to spare a thought for those vulnerable people who are in a worse position than us and think about the selfless acts of kindness we can do for those who really need us.
I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, remember to hug your loved ones tight and appreciate every second you share together over the Christmas period.


I wish you all the greatest happiness and health going into 2018.


I thought I would write about quite a deep, sensitive and emotional subject for this week’s blog post. I wanted to talk about something that I myself, have been through and can very much relate too and I hope that you can too. I wanted to talk about heartbreak and relate that to the importance of self-worth and believing in ourselves, even after a relationship breakdown.
When looking back at relationships, it’s easy to feel as though you regret being with that certain person, especially if the relationship ended in a toxic way. It’s hard to feel as though you could ever forgive that person for breaking your heart and hurting you. But I realised a lot of things each time I felt hurt and let down in another relationship, things that I will explain as this blog post goes on.
Feeling heartbroken brings about so many different feelings and emotions. You can feel lost and feel a sense of grief that you’re unable to be with that person anymore. Personally, I sometimes find it difficult to deal with change. I like having the same routine and this is the same for my relationships. I love having the same person there every day to be with, so for me, when that suddenly changes and they aren’t there anymore for whatever the reason may be, I completely struggle to deal with it. Once you have relied on someone for a certain amount of time, you truly believe that that person won’t be going anywhere and when they do, you feel lost and heartbroken.
Even if you are the person in the relationship that hasn’t done wrong, or even if the break up was mutual, you’re still left asking yourself questions; ‘Why wasn’t I good enough?’ ‘What am I going to do now?’ ‘Why didn’t they want me?’ ‘Will I ever find anyone else?’
There have been countless times for me, where a relationship has ended and I have felt totally worthless. The thoughts going around in my head are mad, and each knock back after knock back has made me feel as though I’ll never be good enough for anyone.
Getting over heartbreak is a process, and one that takes time. It’s just like when you’re grieving – grieving and heartbreak come under exactly the same bracket. There’s absolutely no time limit for heartbreak. There is no rule book to tell you how long it should take to get over someone. You need to give yourself time; time to heal, time to get over that person, time to feel emotions again, and time to love yourself.
The initial human reaction after a break up is to start feeling bitter towards that person. You feel as though you hate them, and you use this hatred in order to tell yourself how much you need to get over them. You force yourself to think of all the times they may have upset you and all the hurtful words they may have said to you and this ultimately makes the bitterness worse. I’ve done it myself, I intensify my ‘hatred’ for that person in order to tell myself how awful they are so that I can try to move on. For a long time, I’ve felt like this was the only way to be able to move on.
But I’ve been so, so wrong.
It’s the most freeing feeling to just move on from something and feel genuinely happy. I realised that in order to move on from feeling heartbroken and hurt; you MUST LET GO. You cannot hold onto the hate and hurt and use that in an attempt to move on, it doesn’t work.
It’s important to look at relationships from a different angle. Be thankful for the memories that the relationship gave you without feeling bitter. You enjoyed the time you spent with that person and the way they made you feel for a while, and they became a chapter in your life. Just because that chapter may have ended, doesn’t mean your life is over. I know how worthlessness feels, but I also know how important it is to shake the feeling of it off, and how important it is to continue with your life without that person, focusing on yourself and only yourself.
I found that I was too busy relying on other people, and I was focusing too much on my relationships to make me happy. I was desperate to find someone who could give me the love that I deserve, and who could give me the love that I was able to give to them. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that person yet. But that’s perfectly okay.
I’ve been hurt, but I can use these past relationships to help me find the right one. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, I’ve learnt how strong I am, and that I really don’t give myself enough credit!
I really want to stress how much you cannot let someone else make you feel as though you aren’t good enough. Stop asking yourself the questions I mentioned earlier, because you are enough and you always will be for someone. If a person makes it clear they do not want you – move on and better yourself. There’s no time to be wasted.
I know these words are easy to read but very difficult to do when you’re actually in the situation of a break up. But it’s taken me to feel heartbroken a couple of times to realise that I am worth more than the way I have been treated in the past, and now I know this, I won’t settle for anything less than someone who adores me, and neither should you!
I want you to take away from this post that things will always get better. I want you to learn to appreciate your past relationships, and even though they may not have worked out, they have taught you something. Let go of any bitterness, there’s more to life than feeling anger towards someone. You are worth everything and more, and one day you will find the right person who emphasises your worth every single day.


I truly hope you all find the person you’re looking for and have long, happy and successful relationships.

Do More Of What Makes You Happy! Why Didn’t I?

This blog post is all about happiness. The importance of self-happiness, what exactly makes us happy as individuals and the reasons why it’s OK not to always be happy.
Although I may only be 20 years old, I have been through many difficult times, some much worse than others and some that I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to make it out of. It should not matter how old you are, each and every one of us still feel emotions of every kind; love, sadness, happiness, heartbreak, jealousy. Our mental health and emotional state is the most important thing. When thinking about myself, not only did I feel unhappy within myself, but also with the rest of the world.
It really did take me an incredibly long time to realise that time heals absolutely everything. It is impossible for us, as human beings, to be OK, 100% of the time. Everybody has days where they feel as though they can’t get out of bed and they don’t want to socialise with the world. Everybody has days where they feel down and worthless and unmotivated. Some people may just find it easier to hide through a smile. The cheery postman you see each morning; he could be having the worst day of his life. The cashier lady you see in your local shop who always smiles and says hello could be feeling a sense of loneliness that you have never felt before.
But then there’s the flip side! The cheery postman you see could have been through the hardest challenges, but something inbuilt inside of him has told him to wake up each day, do his job and be happy within himself. And that’s the most important point that I would like each and every reader to take from this blog post:
Happiness comes from within yourself.
It’s important to understand that events happen in our lives and we really do have no control over them, I know this is a frustrating thought, but we can’t ever change what could or might happen. And that isn’t the way to live! The knock backs we might face make us human. It does not matter how long it takes, but you will always be OK. We have an inbuilt ability to always find a way out of difficult situations, and to always come out stronger and learn from whatever has happened to us. We need to ensure that we give ourselves time, time to heal, time to move on from something that has hurt us or affected us in any way, time to become as successful as we want to be, and time to be truly happy.
Happiness comes from within yourself – you cannot be happy in your life if you do not love yourself. You need to be confident and proud of everything that you have already achieved, the situations you have been able to come out of and learn from are what makes you, you. You really can get through anything and achieve anything you want too, even though at some points you might not feel as though you can. Everything takes time.
These words are so easy to say, and it took me such a long time to convince myself that there was any truth in them. I realised that I had to take a look at myself and ask, ‘what makes me happy?’ I realised that I had been living my life through other people, and concerning myself with what other people thought and said and relied on them to shape the way my everyday life was going to go, rather than concentrating on myself. By doing this, most of the time unintentionally, I lost all my confidence and any self-worth I once had. I never put myself first in my own life, and when I think about it in that way it sounds so ridiculous. It’s so easy to lose yourself through hard times, but you need to figure out what makes you genuinely happy.
I love being creative, I love writing, reading, colouring, creating random things, and for a very long while I stopped doing all of that. But why shouldn’t I be doing the things that I love? If you love dressing in crazy, colourful, flamboyant clothes, do it! If you love dancing, do it! If your dream is to fly planes around the world, do it! You can do anything you want if you tell yourself you are going to be successful and if it makes you happy. It’s the most important thing to ask yourself what really makes you happy and do something to change it, it may have taken me a few years to realise this, but it truly was the best thing I ever did.
But please remember, it’s OK to not be happy some days. It’s normal, and you’re not alone. Things are always going to get better, even when they feel as though they never will. I know a lot of things you may hear sound so ridiculously hard to believe. But right now you might be in a situation that you think you won’t survive. However, six months ago you were in another situation you thought you wouldn’t survive, but you did. Even two years before that, there was something else going on around you which you thought you wouldn’t survive, but again, you did and you’re still here. Living your life to the fullest. You can always make it through anything, but the only way to do that is to put yourself first and never live your life for other people.
Only you can make your life better in whichever way you want too and once you have that figured out, somebody you love will then come along and complete everything. But until then, don’t ever let anyone try to drag you down, tell you anything different, knock your confidence in any way or stop you from doing the things you love and adore.


Each and every one of you deserves to be happy, but it has to start with you and your self-happiness!