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What is the true meaning of Christmas?

YAY December is here! Christmas is approaching! I really do love Christmas. I love the constant food that you’re allowed to eat just because it’s Christmas. I love the Christmas jumpers, getting new socks and pyjamas, spending time with my family, getting drunk at 12 in the afternoon JUST BECAUSE it’s Christmas, everything!! Since December 1st, I have already consumed by body weight in biscuits, I can’t stop eating them! I keep telling myself that it’s Christmas and therefore I can treat myself.
Christmas is such a jolly time. Although the temperature outside drops in December which I’m not always a big fan of, because the freezing cold mornings do make it hard to get out of bed. But they look so pretty when you finally make it outside! I do love the lead up to Christmas. Each year I feel as though it starts to begin earlier and earlier. This year, I was seeing Christmas decorations in shops and Christmas adverts on the television around mid- November time which is pretty ridiculous. But it did get me into the Christmas spirit!
Especially as I live at University so I am away from home for the majority of the year, I love the Christmas break that I get as I’m able to go back home and spend the whole of it with my family.
For this blog post, I wanted to talk about Christmas and what it means to me personally and what I think it should represent for everyone else too.
I also wanted to address the facts that Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone. For a number of different reasons, Christmas can be such a painful time for a lot of people and I wanted to talk about how important it is to respect this, and what we can do to help.
Christmas for me, is nothing to do with any gifts that I may or may not get from people. I would much rather receive a thoughtful and generous gift from someone, than an expensive one that doesn’t have any meaning behind it. I truly mean that. Sometimes it’s easy to feel pressure about what to buy for people. We feel the need to buy people gifts and cards who we may have not spoken to for the entire year, but we feel a responsibility to get something for them and end up putting way too much pressure on ourselves in fear of not disappointing anyone. We write a long list of people who we must send Christmas cards too just because we’ve always done it and we would hate to miss them out, even if we haven’t had a face to face conversation with these people in years! It’s crazy when you think about it.
I don’t have children myself, but I can completely understand how difficult it must be for parents around Christmas time, planning what gifts to get for their children and spending a lot of money and hoping that they won’t be disappointed and feeling guilty if they are. I understand how difficult it must be to ensure that all of your children get equal amounts of gifts so that there is no fighting. Sometimes this pressure makes us forget the idea of what Christmas is all about.
I love how Christmas is a time for everyone to come together and look back on the year they’ve had and have fun together. It’s lovely to open cards and presents with your family, but for me, it really isn’t about that. Of course, when I was younger I absolutely loved opening my new toys and couldn’t wait to see what ‘Santa’ had brought to me. But now that I’m 20, I’ve realised how much pressure is put on parents, and everyone, to make sure they get the right presents and I’ve started to realise that – not to sound too cheesy – but this isn’t the true meaning of Christmas.
We work hard all year round to then spend the majority of our money at Christmas time, which I don’t think is fair. I love my family and my friends, and don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely love to spoil them and I love seeing their faces light up if I buy them something I know they really want. But whilst I’m a student, I know that I can’t afford to buy expensive presents and even if I did have the money, I still wouldn’t.
We need to start putting more thought into our presents and Christmas a whole. It’s a lovely time to spend with family and friends and the people that we love. It’s about appreciating each other in every way and creating memories at Christmas time which will be talked about for years to come, and generations to come. Especially if your family is large and is dispersed all over the country, or even in different places all over the world – Christmas is a time where everyone should come together and enjoy each other’s company. Until the Christmas board games are brought out and the whole family starts arguing about the rules – it happens every year!
Christmas is portrayed as a jolly, happy and fun time for everyone. As I’m getting older, I can’t help but think about those people who are in need, and those people who don’t find Christmas a happy and joyful time. For some people, Christmas brings back awful memories of something they experienced around December and are trying to forget. For some people, Christmas makes grieving for someone they’ve lost much more difficult, knowing that another Christmas will be spent without them here. Some people are homeless on Christmas, some people have absolutely nothing. Some people are lonely and have nobody to see and nowhere to go at Christmas time. The reasons why Christmas isn’t enjoyable for everyone are endless.
It’s so important to give everything you can and help as much as you can to people who need it the most. Nobody should ever feel lonely around Christma
s time and it’s important that we try to help prevent that in any way we can. Sometimes I think of so many ideas of ways that I want to help people, it makes me think I need to save the world. I know that we can’t help everybody, and some people don’t want to be helped and prefer being homeless or being by themselves at Christmas time, and these personal decisions need to be respected.
But for the people who are lonely and it isn’t through their own choice, I am determined to help out at Christmas time and make them feel part of something again. Whether it’s just enjoying a Christmas dinner at the local pub and meeting new friends, everyone should be surrounded by happiness at Christmas and there are so many ways we can volunteer and help to do this.
As for those who have lost someone close to them, including myself, it’s important to try and enjoy Christmas even though they aren’t here. Christmas will make you think of that person more and miss them, and wish more than anything that they were still here. But Christmas should be thought of as a time to come together and honour that person, to talk about special memories that the family member or friend, parent, grandparent, whoever it may be, was part of. We can use Christmas as a way of celebrating their life and a way of thinking about all the fantastic Christmases they were part of in the past.
I hope the message taken from this article is to respect others at Christmas and to understand that it isn’t always a great experience for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you should ever feel guilty for enjoying your Christmas or showing off your gifts. However, I think it’s very important to spare a thought for those vulnerable people who are in a worse position than us and think about the selfless acts of kindness we can do for those who really need us.
I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, remember to hug your loved ones tight and appreciate every second you share together over the Christmas period.


I wish you all the greatest happiness and health going into 2018.